Three loaves aims to end the disconnect between people, our food system, and the communities we live in.

By signing up, you’ll receive a fresh, seasonal recipe every month, delivered right to your inbox. Each one makes three loaves of bread. Of course, you can make any bread recipe you desire. We’re simply about community.


We believe you cannot nurture others if you’re not well taken care of yourself, so that first loaf is for you.
We also believe you’re our best ambassador, so share the second loaf with a friend. Tell them why you made it, and ask them to join us in the fight against hunger.
That last loaf is for someone in your community who needs it the most.

Sharing Your Loaf
with those in need

We admit, this can be tricky. But you’re not baking bread from scratch every month because you like it easy. You’re baking bread from scratch because you’re a godd*mn rockstar. Below are some suggestions we have from experience.

Offer it to someone in your community without a home.
Check with your local food bank. While they can’t accept homemade donations, they’ll know who can.
Talk to churches and community centers.

Remember, someone in need can mean many things.

Three Loaves Backstory

Back in November of 2010, Yahoo! reached out to our founder, Jerry James Stone, about participating in their Ripple of Kindness campaign, where volunteers would turn $100 into a simple act of kindness.

Excited by this opportunity, Jerry suckered a handful of his close friends into helping him bake some 300 loaves of bread for San Francisco’s homeless. That experience left a lasting impression. So much, that he’d always been searching for a way to keep the ripple going.

Enter Three Loaves, a food movement that is rooted in sustainability, community, and totally based on food porn.

A food movement that is rooted in sustainability, community, and totally based on food porn.

Because, if you won’t eat it, why should anyone else? Here at Three

Loaves we help activate home chefs in their communities. So no one person (and their trusty crew of misfits) has to make 300 loaves of bread.

In July of 2014, we sent out the first Three Loaves recipe, a Blueberry & Thyme Bread, to 77 people. Today, that number is 600 strong. In the few months Three Loaves has been active, we’ve fed thousands!

Won’t you join us and say “f*ck you” to hunger?